A downloadable game for Windows

An indistinct introspection


Take 3 short trips

Think about yourself  

Grow distant


A walking simulator about detachment

By Jibrill Murphy



A Vacancy That's Hard To Talk About.zip 444 MB


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Loved the art style, and i certainly felt there is a lot here to unpack and interpret, i go by what i read from the Level titles, the sound, music and level layouts, i enjoyed it.
It does feel very retrospective and the sound design complimented a lot to the atmosphere and ambience, so kudos on sound design and music, it had vibes :)

I will admit that i was a little lost on the first one for a while and felt i had skipped something important as i played the other levels, when i returned, i realised what i had to do to move the story forward.

i will definitely play again to get a feel of the story a little more.

I will rant no more, thanks for the experience :)

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